my transatlantic addiction...


ngl, I miss LNJF.



I didn’t know what to expect when I hit play but I was not disappointed.

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Whats a good thing to do for a date?


Depends - if it’s a first date then maybe lunch/a meal somewhere casual or just for coffee if it’s a case of getting to know one another. If it’s a more formal date then a restaurant is a quiet yet social place to chat etc. or if that’s not for you then maybe something more fun like a zoo or interesting like a museum - gives you plenty of time together and lots to talk about. 

Just avoid the cinema like the plague for a proper date. I’ve never understood how 2.5hrs sat in the dark not able to speak to one another constitutes a date or helps you get to know someone.

Hope you have a great date anon x 



Well, I was gonna make one sooner or later :3~~

I’m sorry. This has utterly slayed me. God Bless Tumblr…


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